CyboEnergy offers CyboInverter, a new type of solar power inverter to reduce the total product and installation costs. As the solar industry can no longer depend on government incentives, the CyboInverter is an attractive product that offers better safety, scalability, grid-flexibility, high efficiency, long life, easy installation, and excellent per watt price.

CyboInverter's unique capabilities and features are ideal for solar integrators and OEM partners to offer unique and cost-effective solutions by incorporating CyboInverters as a core element. Examples include solar heating, solar cooking, solar refrigeration, microgrids, mobile solar power generators, and on-grid solar kits.

In this section, we will present valuable design and component selection information for solar integrators and partners in the following solar applications. Some of the proprietary info is not included on this website. Please contact us here to request more info.

On-Grid Solar Systems

  • Residential on-grid solar systems with a 1.2KW to 10KW solar kit;
  • Commercial on-grid solar systems with a cost-effective solution; and
  • Utility-scale on-grid solar systems with a modular approach.

  • Off-Grid Solar Systems

  • Microgrids for rural homes, schools, stores, clinics, churches; etc.
  • Mobile solar power stations;
  • Off-grid solar systems for facilities, camps, and shelters that have no grid power;
  • Solar heating for electric water heaters, area heaters, floor heating, heating processes;
  • Solar cooking, mobile solar kitchen; etc.
  • Solar refrigeration;
  • Solar water pumping;
  • Off-grid solar EV charging stations (with or without batteries); and
  • On-grid and off-grid solar systems for data centers.

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